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Sherlock Nouveau: Gregory Lestrade

One I finished a few months ago but completely got lost in the university melee for posting!


Sherlock Nouveau: Molly Hooper

So to carry on with the Sherlock theme, I went with one of my favourite characters, Molly. Molly is the relatable woman in the series and I just think she is fantastic, although trying to find references of any type were difficult! Also, looking at Forensic Pathology through the internet…some of the images will probably stick with me for the rest of my life.

As usual, they can be found over at my redbubble, and if you like them enough, i’d love you to buy a print or two!


Sherlock Nouveau : Irene Adler

I am a fan of the Sherlock series, and i’ve pretty much been dying to do some art work surrounding it. I haven’t had much time but then I thought, jesus christ, make some time. Who needs sleep anyway? I’m going to start this series with Irene. I loved her character in the series, plus I think Lara Pulver is a great actress.

A quick detail in the early stages!

Here we are so far. I thought the beaded ‘gown’ she wore was gorgeous. It still is, it’s just I don’t think my skill as of yet is good to show you it! I’ll carry on a little later but so far i’m really liking it. Apart from her feet, hobbit feet are not cool here.

I didn’t like the pink, so I just tinkered around with the colours and composition.

There we go! She’s all done ( I think….)

In case you fancy buying some work, i’ve got them as usual up on redbubble. I even added an iPhone case too!

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