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Sector Mock Up

A not so quick city sector mock up! I imagine this place is teeming with people. Practically bursting at the seams, accommodating a huge amount of. With this in mind, research was done surrounding the idea of grid plans. Fascinating feats of engineering and city planning that really made me think that if these people levelled a large space of land to create something new, how would they create it?

The city itself is designed to benefit the highest bidder. How do they benefit? Surveillance. They have to know what’s going on, what people are thinking, doing, to tailor their needs specifically to them. This is where this plan came to mind. With towers based in the middle of each sector, constant surveillance could be maintained. If this was also under the guise of a super shopping centre/mall to treat all your needs, they could confirm what people were buying and what they disliked to further their control.

Many houses are also clustered outside so they are in constant view of the behemoth structure in the centre of the map. The towering highways keeping routes converging at the towers are also a ploy. Oddly, even with all these thoughts passing through my mind, I didn’t notice until some time ago that the sector makes a simple heart shape. Although subconsciously made, the idea works well for the city. The heart of each sector lies within the towers. Where all the main activity takes place. The veins, arteries and capillaries functioning as roads.


Title and End Pages

Working with the idea of the larger perspective pieces featured earlier on the blog, I wanted to continue this idea of nature and mechanics.  Trying to figure out how to do this, I looked at the vein and artery systems of the body, using some references (and artistic license) I mapped each, represented by pipes and tree branches.

The pipe piece will be the front cover of the comic. I’m keeping it simple for people to focus on the smaller details, rather than getting lost in a overly detailed background. The tree piece will serve as the back cover, continuing the minimal theme, but showing the progress in the book as the woman finds herself introduced back into nature from the sterile city she has lived in for her whole life.

Sherlock Nouveau : Irene Adler

I am a fan of the Sherlock series, and i’ve pretty much been dying to do some art work surrounding it. I haven’t had much time but then I thought, jesus christ, make some time. Who needs sleep anyway? I’m going to start this series with Irene. I loved her character in the series, plus I think Lara Pulver is a great actress.

A quick detail in the early stages!

Here we are so far. I thought the beaded ‘gown’ she wore was gorgeous. It still is, it’s just I don’t think my skill as of yet is good to show you it! I’ll carry on a little later but so far i’m really liking it. Apart from her feet, hobbit feet are not cool here.

I didn’t like the pink, so I just tinkered around with the colours and composition.

There we go! She’s all done ( I think….)

In case you fancy buying some work, i’ve got them as usual up on redbubble. I even added an iPhone case too!



Chell – Art Nouveau Portal

Okay guys. I wanted to do a Portal piece (because i’m dying to get my hands on a copy of 2 but unfortunately lack of money is the deciding factor here).

I’ve got a choice. Chell’s had two outfits and now I can’t decide which one I like more.

Any and all opinions welcome!

Such fantastic news! The lovely people over at For Human Peoples are now selling this piece as a poster.

You can find it here 

Alice in Wonderland: Mad March

What happens when I see something awesome? INSPIRATION MY FRIENDS.

Recently watched the rendition of ‘Alice’ on Syfy and loved the fresh take on it. If you haven’t watched it, seriously. Check it out.

They re-invented a lot of characters with my favourtie being ‘Mad March’ the Assassin for the Red Queen.

I loved the idea so much that I decided to do a little painting of him quickly in Photoshop!


An example of what happens when artists go exploring

Okay guys so today was a day of exploring and photography, both of which I haven’t done much of in ages.

This gallery is just SOME of the photos I took (there’s a load more but i’d probably be dead by the time the uploader would get them all working)

Of course with fellow artists Liz Sterryand Katy Woodgate awesome things were bound to happen.

The rabbit just so happens to be Liz, who is a model and does fantastic work. Katy’s photography and artistic work is also fantastic and if you want to check these gals out (and lets be honest, why wouldn’t you) just click through to their names.

Liz’s modelling work can be seen here!

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