Artist Statement

Rebecca Lee – Artist Statement:

Drawing is what engages me. In any drawinng medium whatsoever, I can be inspired to explore new areas of form and beauty .

This started whilst I was a young child, being given pens and paper to keep me occupied on journeys, something I have continued to this day. I don’t travel anywhere without a sketchbook and a pencil. What was once a hobby has taken on a huge role in my life and allows me a new channel to express myself to others and to communicate with other artists.

My favourite mediums are pencil, biro and fine liner. Although these are not completely traditional I like the freedom these give me. I feel that they work perfectly for my mind set and allow me to get down on paper the ideas whirling around in my head. I have recently also begun digital painting using Photoshop and am finding that it makes painting so much easier and is rapidly becoming a useful tool.

My influences are wide and varied. Most recently my biggest inspiration comes from the human body itself and trying to capture movement on paper. I also find reading a variety of books from comics to psychology papers  offers a wide array of subject matter to explore and build upon.

I create a lot of detail in my pieces. I don’t want art to be a separate and sometimes almost sterile experience, I want the viewer to be able to get as close as they want to the picture and study all the small details that really make my pieces stand out. The modern world can be fast paced and what I want my art to do is to stop people and show them that if they slowed down for just a second, they might open their eyes to all the fascinating things around them.


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