Sherlock Nouveau : Irene Adler

I am a fan of the Sherlock series, and i’ve pretty much been dying to do some art work surrounding it. I haven’t had much time but then I thought, jesus christ, make some time. Who needs sleep anyway? I’m going to start this series with Irene. I loved her character in the series, plus I think Lara Pulver is a great actress.

A quick detail in the early stages!

Here we are so far. I thought the beaded ‘gown’ she wore was gorgeous. It still is, it’s just I don’t think my skill as of yet is good to show you it! I’ll carry on a little later but so far i’m really liking it. Apart from her feet, hobbit feet are not cool here.

I didn’t like the pink, so I just tinkered around with the colours and composition.

There we go! She’s all done ( I think….)

In case you fancy buying some work, i’ve got them as usual up on redbubble. I even added an iPhone case too!

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